Dragonscale Hat, Gloves, or Scarf - Summer Day

Dragonscale Hat, Gloves, or Scarf - Summer Day

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This warm summer sunset is so tempting as if we see it over a lake in the mountains.  This yarn is 100% acrylic.

Each pair of these gloves is designed to keep your palms and wrists warm while leaving your fingers free.  They can be worn alone or you can wear a very thin pair of gloves underneath, even slip a little hand warmer in on those extra cold days!

These will fit most average size hands.  Larger sizes for larger hands can be made via custom order.  This particular set of gloves is made to order.

The matching hat has four rows of dragonscales and an adorable point at the top!  It is stretchy and fits medium to large adult heads.  

There are two scarf options:  

Dragon Tail has a few rows of dragonscales and then a simple scarf for the warmer climates where it's chilly but not cold.

Full Dragonscale has thick scales from end to end and is nice and toasty warm!